Game Of Thrones Wildfire Bottle Charm Necklace Made To Order Cosplay Fantasy


*Wildfire is a volatile liquid that can burn for a long time. Once wildfire takes fire, the substance will burn until it is no more. It will seep into cloth, wood, leather, and even steel so that they take fire as well. Wildfire will burn even when floating on water, it is typically commissioned for use as a weapon of war, though Alchemists will sometimes use wildfire torches as a display of power. The red priest, Thoros of Myr, fights with a sword covered in a thin layer of wildfire.*

This little wildfire bottle is filled with colored Resin and can be put on a chain in your choice of color and length.

*Bottle charms vary a little in width but are all about 1" in length*

Made to order - please allow 7 days for shipping.

Please note if this is a gift - free gift wrapping is available

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